Three screenshots of various pages of the Frank's Place website.

Frank's Place

Established in 1974 in the coastal city of New London, CT, Frank's Place had a customer base primarily consisting of males ages 21-31 and 40-60.

Negative perceptions about the bar’s value and safety of the premises lead to low beverage sales and patronage. The lack of a strategic marketing plan and a social media presence led to  print collateral and online directories having outdated information. Customer engagement and beverage sales rapidly declining.

Conduct a customer survey to discover the brand and patron demographics. Establish a new brand identity and brand voice to build brand recognition and improve customer engagement. Combat negative perceptions with an image campaign that shows the bar’s vitality and tells  its longstanding history. Design a suite of publications and a social media stream to communicate event details and menu specials.

In the first year after launch, Facebook gained over 1,500 likes. Beverage sales increased by 200 cases a month. Staff and customer morale were boosted as reflected in a customer survey. Select print marketing received a Graphic Design USA award in 2010.

A collection of event posters.
The Frank's Place menu, business cards, and postcard flyer.
Tabletop menus.
Website mobile designs.
Screenshot of the Frank's Place homepage.
Screenshot of the Frank's Place about page.
Bartender Jay wearing the Frank's Place t-shirt.
Two headshots of male staff members with dramatic lighting.
The Manhattan Skyline showing the Empire State Building with the Manji Designs logo in the center.

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Collage of GBTQ+ men and animals with The Guide logo in the center.
The Guide

A book about GBTQ+ bodies and self-expression. A socal media campaign for body liberation.

An antique pocket watch, tie tack and thimbal belonging to Brandon's grandparents.
The Tree That Shades Me

Collections of biographies about ancestors who survived Jim Crow to become successful entrepreneurs.

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